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we love what we do, we do what we say, we source and pipeline qualified developers across the globe and deliver them to your desk. 

we are boutique, but we are a global recruiter. 

we listen to you, hear your recruitment needs, and adapt to personalised strategies.  

stevla - the expert tech recruiters

our solutions


how does it work:

​50% paid upfront, we do our magic, fill your vacancy and you pay the rest.


Benefits of the model:

We invest serious time and resources, thus you will get better and quicker results and a long-lasting partnership.


how does it work:

We agree on a period i.e. 3 months where only we can hire for the role. 

Benefits of the model:

Highly prioritised and may cost less than Contingency or Retained, but still get a quality hire.


how does it work:

We assign sourcers and continuously pipeline candidates to your team.

Benefits of the model:

Very quick results and your HR team will be very busy coordinating interviews with the hiring managers.

contact us

Domaniewska 37, 02-672 Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland

+48 731 278 387

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